Car Accident

Most people know that car accidents are often traumatic and life changing, but what you may not know is that your own actions and choice of attorney can be too. 

Your legal rights after a car accident must be carefully managed by skilled accident lawyers to ensure not just maximum legal recovery, but insurance coverage for your medical bills as well. Time is truly of the essence with car accidents so first steps can be crucial. Every second you wait to consult with an attorney is time the insurance companies and their lawyers are taking advantage of in gathering additional information and proofs to use against you and build their defense. Even those first initial communications can be detrimental as your own insurance carrier may very well be a defendant in your case depending on the circumstances which are often missed or overlooked. You should contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Parra Klein for a free consultation immediately to determine your legal rights and next steps. 

Failure to notify the police, while not recommended, does NOT mean that you do not have a case. While police reports hold a lot of weight as they are the first investigative tool insurance companies use to assess coverage and liability in an accident, they are rarely admissible at trial. Instead, your own testimony and actions/inactions, medical records/notes, and the physical damage to your vehicle or property often serve as the most compelling evidence. Whether or not you notified the police or made a police report, you should consult with the injury attorneys at Parra Klein as soon as possible following an accident to put yourself in the best position possible. 

Lack of medical treatment at the scene of the accident or immediately after (i.e. Emergency Room) does NOT mean that you do not have a case. While some people feel pain immediately after an accident, others may not realize they are injured for several days, weeks, or even months later. So, obtaining and/or securing coverage immediately following an accident is crucial.  

Lack of health insurance does NOT mean you are unable to obtain medical treatment immediately or anytime thereafter. Most automobile insurance policies in New Jersey include medical coverage in the form of “Personal Injury Protection” (i.e. PIP) and/or “Med Pay” that will afford coverage for medical bills of any and all eligible claimants. Even without insurance coverage, there are additional options and avenues for medical treatment related to an accident so call the injury attorneys at Parra Klein to better understand your own policy and coverage options in the event of an accident.  

The injury attorneys at Parra Klein LLC specialize in providing you and your loved ones with the utmost support, legal and emotional, necessary to restore your life after a motor vehicle accident. Do not hesitate to contact us, via phone call, text or email, for a free consultation and case review. 

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